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1.你叫甚么名字? What is your name?

2.你的英文名字? How can I call you?

3.你几多岁? How old are you?

4.你读哪所幼儿园? What school are you studying?

5.你住在哪里? Where do you live?

6.你家里的电话号码? Can you tell me your telephone number?

7.你最喜欢的玩具?为甚么? What is your favorite toy? Why?

8.你最爱的故事书?可否讲那个故事给我听? What is your favorite storybook? Can you tell me something about it? 

9.你最爱的卡通片?为甚么? Do you like cartoon? Who would you like most?

10.你最爱吃甚么食物?What is your favorite food?

11.你甚么时候上课、下课? Do you know your school time?

12.你在幼儿园里最喜欢上甚么课?为甚么? What subject do you like in school? Why?

13.你最喜欢甚么颜色?What is your favorite color?

14.放学后,你爱做甚么?What are you going to do after school? How about at weekends? 

15.你喜欢这所学校吗?为甚么? Can you tell me why do you come to this school? You like this school or not?

16.你爸爸、妈妈做甚么工作?What are your parent’s jobs? Do you know what are they doing?

17.你有甚么兄弟姊妹? Do you have brother or sister?

18.放假的时候,会和爸、妈到哪儿玩?Would your parents take you out for fun on holidays? Where will you go? 

19.平日谁替你的手册签名? Who signs for your student handbook? 

20.谁教你做功课? Who checks up your homework?

21.谁叫你起床? Who wakes you up the morning?

22.谁接你上课、下课? Who picks up you from school?  

23.你爸爸、妈妈叫甚么名字? Can you tell me the names of your parents?

24.还有甚么亲人跟你同住?Who else do you live with besides your parents? 

25.在家中你最喜欢谁,为甚么?Who do you like most in your family?

26.爸爸、妈妈下班后会和你做甚么?Will your parents play with you after work?

27.你放学后,平日谁跟你在一起? Who will stay with you after school?

28.你今日乘搭甚么交通工具来? How did you come to this school today?

29.过马路时要注意甚么? What should we do when we are crossing the road?

30.有紧急事,可以打甚么电话号码? What number can you dial for emergency?



33.甚么时候需要消防员的帮忙? Do you know when do we need fireman for help?

34.发生火警要怎样做? What should we do in case of fire?

35.香港的机场在哪里?Do you know where is the airport in Hong Kong?

36.可否说出一、两个地铁站的名称?Can you tell me some of the names of MTR station?

37.中秋节会吃甚么? What will we eat in Mid-autumn festival?

38.讲出有关圣诞节的东西。Tell me something about Christmas.

39.一年有多少个月? How many months in a year?

40.一星期有多少日? How many days per week?

41.每日有多少个小时? How many hours in a single day?

42.甚么车辆只有在香港区行驶? What kinds of car are allowed in Hong Kong Island only?

43.试讲出香港其中一条隧道的名称? Try to tell me any tunnel name in Hong Kong.

44.超级市场和街市有何分别?You know the difference between supermarket and market?

45.一年有多少季?分别是甚么? How many seasons in a year?  What are they? 

46.你知道哪一位议员的名字? Do you know any senator’s name?

47.吃饭前要做甚么? What should we do before lunch / dinner?

48.在地铁内,有甚么是不许做的?Can you tell me some of the rules in the MTR?

49.有甚么动物是住在海里的? What kind(s) of animal are living under sea?

50.有甚么动物是吃草的? What animal(s) are vegetarian?








58.如果你和父母上街,却和他们失散了,怎办? What should you do when you get lost on street?

59.如果父母迟了接你放学,你会怎样?If your parents are late for picking you up after school, how would you feel? 

60.如果你不小心打破东西,你会怎样? If you break something accidentally, what would you do?

61.如果你有一部玩具车,你和弟弟都很喜欢,怎办? Would you share your lovely toy with your brother / sister? 


63.看见有人打架会怎处理?What would you do if you see people fight each other?

64.如果你感到身体不适,你会怎样做?What would you do when you feel sick?

65.如果你收到陌生人电话,会怎办?What would you do when you get a call from stranger? 

66.如果你在公园玩时,有一个陌生人说要带你吃冰淇淋,你会怎样回答? If an uncle tries to bring you out to buy ice-cream when you are playing on the playground, what would you say to him?  

67.你在文具店内看见一支很美丽的铅笔,你很想要,但爸妈不给,怎么办?What would you do when your parents say no to buy a very beautiful pencil for you?

68.在地上看见有一个十元硬币,你会怎办?What would you do when you see a coin on the floor?























89.为何为子女选择这所学校? Why do you choose this school?

90.对学校的期望?What is your expectation from school?

91.对子女的期望? What is your expectation from your kid? 

92.可否讲讲自己的教育理念。Tell me something about your education theory.

93.如何培育子女? How to teach your child?

94.(问妈妈)你要工作吗?如有,怎样照顾子女?Do you have a job? How will you take care of your children?

95.(问爸爸)你做甚么职业?平日如何跟子女沟通?What is your job? How will you communicate with your kids? 

96.(问双方需要工作的家长)平日多应酬吗?多回家吃晚饭? Any dinner party at night? Or how often do you come back home for dinner?

97.(问双方需要工作的家长)每日陪伴子女的时间是否多于一小时? How long do you spend with your kid every day?

98.假日时,会带子女到何处? Where do you take your kid on holidays?

99.你的子女最爱吃的食物? What is the lovely food of your child?

100.你的子女最爱的卡通人物? What cartoon character does you kid like most?

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